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Earth Harmony Sanctuary Began in 2011 as a certified Organic Farm (known as New Harmony Farm) with the mission of growing crops in alignment with mother nature and to sustain our community with nutritious food.

2017 will mark the sanctuary's inaugural year, expanding beyond the farm. The space will serve to grow its cultivation of community and the intimate healing relationship between humans and earth. 

Through a variety of programs, events and offerings we will look to nurture spiritual and ethical practice.  Throughout the year we will be sharing skills and knowledge and engaging in environmental stewardship, art, community connection and the continued growth of organic food.

This land, rooted in love, has the ability to touch people deep within the soul and effect brilliant growth and change. We invite you to Join us in this exchange through our events, volunteering, the food or just stopping by to walk the land, meditate or say hello!

This is just the beginning of a great vision and union. we look forward to meeting you soon.

With Love & Gratitude,

your Friends at Earth Harmony Sanctuary