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Didgeridoo Group Class w/ Gregorio - 2nd Saturday of the Month - June-Oct 5:30pm-6:30pm

  • Earth Harmony Sanctuary 186 High Road Newbury, MA, 01951 (map)

Gregorio built his first didgeridoo with the help of his dad in the fourth grade, after being mesmerized by his music teacher bringing one into the classroom. He has been performing, teaching, and exploring the use of sound of a medium of healing for the past 10 years. Considered to be the oldest wind instrument that humans have created, the sound is truly grounding and mystical. Besides making a vibration that will make even the bravest German Shepard think, “Daaammmnnn, what is that!!” the didgeridoo is an incredible health practice. Gregorio started playing due to an obsession with deep sounds as a child, but has found from years of playing that the didgeridoo also creates a deep state of mediation. Gregorio says, “ Once circle breathing can be maintained you are able to bypass the monkey mind and reach a deep state of relaxation.” So there is the fact you are learning to make a epic sound, learning how to bypass the monkey mind, but there is another added bonus to playing this instrument when it comes to health.

Research has shown that playing the didgeridoo is one of the best natural remedies and preventative practices for suppressing sleep apnea. The muscles used in playing the didgeridoo strengthen all the muscles of our breathing/speaking organ system. If you want to hold high notes longer or get better sleep at night then playing the didgeridoo will help build up the muscles to help you accomplish those dreams.

Gregorio is an experienced teacher who likes to mix in a lot of humor into his workshops so come learn, laugh, and gather in a community of  like minded people. People will leave the class with the necessary skills to learn this ancient instrument and feel the healing it has to offer them.

Sliding scale of $15-20 to be paid onsite via cash or check.